Edgar Wright

Subjects Taught: Film Studies, English
Hours of Experience: 900 hours

Availability: Mon - Friday, 9am - 1pm
Bio: I am currently a Year 13 student at Sir John Lawes School where I am studying Mathematics, Further Mathematics and Economics with the hope of studying Maths and Economics at University. I have always had a keen interest in Mathematics due to the ability to break down complex problems into methodical and simple steps. I have been tutoring GCSE mathematics for just under a year and have gained prior experience from running math’s support sessions for Year 11 students at school. My aim is to nurture understanding and mathematical thinking within the student. I’ve found that doing well at Maths does not just require memorizing formulae and methods but also understanding them. This makes it easier to apply these formulae and methods to nail the trickier questions. This is something I really want to focus on with all my students as I believe it is essential to gain the top grades. I look forward to helping students make a big improvement in the run-up to their exams.

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